Jetprime Ducati V2 Panigale Right Hand Road / Race Switch with Throttle Control


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On all of the latest Ducati motorcycles, the throttle twist grip no longer has the classic spool with steel wiring but only a digital potentiometer. Our throttle twist grip cover unit has many advantages: In the event of an accident, our unit will help to protect the internal electronics as it is more resistant than the original unit which is made of plastic. Ducati does not supply any specific spare parts for the throttle twist grip unit, not even the throttle control tube. You can therefore use our cover unit and never have to replace them with other components.

  • New aluminium quick throttle unit much more robust option compared to the OEM fitted plastic unit.
  • It will help to save all internal parts as well as integrating the electrical controls which are found in the original unit.
  • It will allow you to remove the original start/stop ignition controls as we have incorporated them into our unit. This will also allow you to move the master cylinder to a better position so that you can brake more efficiently and making it less tiring for your hand.
  • It will get rid of the annoying movement which exists between the throttle twist grip and the handlebar.
  • The cover is made from a resistant 7075 aluminium.

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