RaceSeats Ducati 848 1098 1198 “Competition Series” OEM Base Seat


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RaceSeats custom seat designed for racing use. Covered with a 3mm layer of high density special Mousse. This is the same material chosen by most MotoGP , Moto2, Moto3 and WSBK teams and riders.

  • Fits OEM bodywork and SuperStock race bodywork
  • Thickness: +5mm from OEM
  • Shape: same as OEM
  • Made in Italy

WARNING: “Competition” seats are created for racing use only. The “Competition” concept is to give the best performance and grip on track. Cracks and imperfections could appear after usage specially in hot condition. Cracks in the cover do not compromise the seats quality so they will not be covered under warranty. Leaving the seat under the sun can cause the glue to come apart or cover to crack so take nesseary precaution under extreme heat.

The best method to keep the cover in good condition is to make sure the seat is dry, clean, not kept in extreme heat. Also using a leather conditioner can extent the life of the seat.

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Weight 6.000 lbs




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